How to enlarge the penis in adolescence

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Many adult men are often complex about the size of their penis. Teens start paying attention to penis size at around age 12, when the first erections and emissions begin. Not all adolescents know from what age and at what age the penis grows, so it is possible to find complexes associated with penis size early. It is necessary to periodically talk with the child, explain all the nuances of development, and many problems can be avoided.

What Happens During Adolescence?

From age 9 to 14, puberty begins in boys. At this age, the penis begins to increase in size, the foreskin opens fully, the testicles increase. During this period, the secretion of sex hormones increases. If there is not enough testosterone, penis growth slows down, in which case a doctor should be consulted.

Age (years) Member in normal state erect penis
eleven 3-5 cm up to 14 cm
14 4-6 cm 12-14 cm
17 6-8 cm 14-16 cm

Puberty usually lasts four years. This time is enough to complete the process completely and the penis and testicles have reached the desired size.

Each teenager develops individually, so slight deviations are allowed, both up and down. It is worth paying attention if at the age of 12 the boy's foreskin has not opened, this may indicate a delay in development. If you suspect a pathology, you should consult an andrologist. The specialist will conduct a visual examination, if necessary, prescribe tests and issue a verdict - it is worth worrying about this or that.

Penis enlargement in adolescence

Teenagers are often very complex about the size of their genitals. In the locker rooms, in the shared showers, they often compare the size of their members, and if someone has more, the complexes and experiences begin. It is important to explain to the child that his body is still developing, that it is quite possible that his penis will only grow large at the age of 16-17. According to some reports, the male genital organ grows to 22 years, everyone has everything individually and there is no need to worry about this.

It is important to note that penis size does not affect sexual performance in any way.

Teenagers of this age often covertly watch adult films and get the impression that masculinity must necessarily be great. It is important to explain that size does not affect the ability to experience or deliver an orgasm in any way.

Enlarging a teenager's penis with various mechanical methods such as an extender or a vacuum pump is highly discouraged. The fact is that tissues develop and form, and any external influence on them during this period is fraught with consequences. You can try to stretch.

You should not use drugs intended for adults, hormones without a prescription.

This can be dangerous and can lead to developmental delays and serious problems. You can enlarge the penis in adolescence with the help of special exercises, physical education and proper nutrition. Even all this will not lead to the fact that the penis will be huge and literally grow before our eyes.

In fact, there are no completely safe methods of penis enlargement, for both teenagers and adults. In either case, the known techniques still have disadvantages, contraindications and side effects. A teenager just needs to be patient and not rush things, everything will come over the years and in the near future. If there is a problem or the child is complex about it, it is worth contacting specialists, including a psychologist. This should be done carefully, without further injuring the adolescent's psyche.

Safe ways

If you need to enlarge a teenager's penis, one of the effective methods is jelqing, a special massage technique. Before using any techniques, you should consult a specialist for advice and not experiment on your body yourself.

Enlarging a teenager's penis with massage or masturbation is possible, but it should be done regularly and very carefully. The essence of the technique is that the massage is performed in a timely manner, the effect is on the blood vessels. As a result, blood circulation improves and the volume of the organ increases. Doctors still recommend not massaging the penis on your own, not knowing how to properly influence the points. This can lead to pain, redness, and other negative effects. Furthermore, the effectiveness of this method has in no way been scientifically proven.

You can also enlarge a teenager's penis at home with the help of creams, petroleum jelly, lotions, soda, but such drugs can be dangerous even for adults. Their essence is simple: after applying the cream, blood circulation also increases, the penis visually increases. Now you can find a huge number of special drugs, including hormonal ones. Their effectiveness has also not been confirmed in any way, and they can cause the development of serious problems.

Such products usually do not pass any checks and are not registered as drugs. It is another thing if a teenager really has problems confirmed by a doctor. In this case, a specialist can prescribe hormonal preparations with testosterone, which will stimulate the growth and proper development of the male organ.